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What is a Sheett?

You know how tailgate and hitch extenders are a pain to setup and use? Ever spent a sheettloadd of time trying to set up 4 or 5 straps to safely haul a longer load?  Well we made the Sheett bed extender to be the fastest and safest way to haul extended loads like lumber, pipes, kayaks, furniture, and sheet goods so you don't even have to think about a web of straps or a hitch extender when you haul long loads. In fact, it works so well that our customers always ask, “This is so simple. Why hasn’t anyone thought of making this before?”

The Sheett truck bed extender is the simplest, easiest, and safest way to haul plywood, transport lumber, secure your kayak, or carry any extended load that sticks out past your tailgate. The Sheett adds up to eight feet of usable length to your truck bed! Unlike a hitch extender, the Sheett folds up like a blanket and can be stored under your backseat when not in use.

What makes this Sheett so good?

Here are some of the many benefits of owning and using a Sheett:

  • Saves time and cuts your 5 to 10-minute session of messing around with a tailgate extender or multitudes of straps to just under 1 minute
  • Fits under your backseat like it’s not even there when you’re done using it
  • Ready for any load that you need to haul, and makes the process of hauling long loads safe and easy
  • Backed by our Full Loadd Guarantee (Lifetime) and proudly made in the USA.
  • Not Satisfied? We are dumber than a doorknob and let you return the product absolutely no questions asked via our No Bullsheett Return Policy.

Don’t wait to buy a Sheett after you’ve been in a bind. Buy one now so you’re always prepared to haul a load and drive safely on the road. Heck, buy two and give the other one to your father-in-law. We all know he needs all the help he can get.

The Sheett’s patent pending design features a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and UV-resistant canvas body with a tough interior wear and puncture resistant layer. We double up on all structural seams to ensure durability and longevity no matter what you haul with your truck.

Made in USA

We're going to say it again: The Sheett is proudly made right here in the USA. We sew and assemble the entire product on US soil. Be proud that you are supporting a business that supports US companies and US jobs. 

What size fits my truck?

Alright, so you might be someone that loves their short bed. Lots of cabin space, plenty of room inside the truck. You might also be someone who's got a great 8 foot bed and has a long, mean working machine. We've got you covered either way. The Sheett fits any vehicle with at least two secure attachment points. Check out the fitment table below to see if the Standard or Extended Sheett is right for you.

Truck Fitment Load Length  Can Be Used for Hauling
Standard Any make/model with at least two secure attachment points or eyelets near the tailgate Adds about 5.5' to existing bed length, recommended if you are typically only hauling shorter loads
  • Plywood, Drywall, Foam Board Insulation
  • Lumber, Pipes, Trim
  • Doors, Windows, Flooring
  • Couches, Furniture, Mattresses
  • Kayaks, Surfboards, Paddleboards
  • Dirtbikes, Motorcycles, ATVs
Extended Adds about 8' to existing bed length, recommended if you haul longer loads

Swipe the table to scroll.

What is included?

Each Sheett includes:

  • A dual construction tough canvas outer body with inner vinyl abrasion layer
  • Two pre-assembled main securing straps (Four with Pro Packk)
  • One cam-lock cinching strap
  • A storage bag

Cam or Ratchet?

Cam buckles are great for hauling watercraft such as kayaks, surfboards, or paddleboards because they ensure a snug and secure fit without overtightening or deforming the hull or body of the load. Cam buckles will not produce as much tightening force as a ratchet strap. The advantage of the Sheett bed extender is that it holds the load in from the rear, preventing the need to have a load tightened in more than "snug." Cam buckles are a great choice for snug holding power.

Loadd cam strap with cam buckle on concrete floor

Ratchet straps are tried and true, and Loadd's Ratchet Strapp is the only strap you'll ever need. Our handles are wider for excellent gripping, better control, and easier use with bulky gloves. Our Ratchet Strapp is the way to go if you are looking for a tight, controlled cinch on your load. Great for use with lumber, plywood, heavy furniture, and pipes.

How about both? We've got you covered. You can always go with the Pro Packk, and we'll include a set of each. The Sheett has strap channels that allow you to swap out either strap style for unparalleled versatility. 

Do I need a safety Flagg?

The quick and convenient Flagg attachment is available for purchase with the Sheett and is a great way to increase visibility of the Loadd you are hauling. The Flagg is 18" x 18" and comes with a heavy duty steel carabiner for seamless attachment to the Sheett. When transporting extended loads, it is important to follow all local and federal regulations, and the Flagg is the perfect addition to any Sheett.

How do I use the Sheett on my truck?

We have a great instructional video that shows how simple the Sheett is to set up and use with any truck. Watch below!

The value of buying a Loadd product is that you know we’ve got your back. We repair defects or damage to any of our products, free of charge, for the life of the product. If we are unable to functionally repair a product, we will replace it to get you back up and running. It’s important to us that you, as a part of the Loadd family of users, are taken care of properly. When you buy a Loadd product, you’re not only purchasing the highest quality, you’re engaging in a promise from us to have your back when you beat the Sheett out the stuff we make.

All repairs are free of charge, and we cover the shipping of the product back to you. You pay to get it to us. Whether it’s hand delivered, shipped, or brought to us in the saddlebags of your thoroughbred, we ask that you initiate the repair process by getting it to us via your preferred method.

Check out this page for more information and frequently asked questions: The Full Loadd Guarantee FAQ

We will accept any return within 30 days of purchase. That means you get to try any product you buy from us, and if it does not meet your expectations, we will refund you your entire purchase. There is zero risk to you because we stand by what we make, unlike so many other companies that try to make a quick sale and run off. You'll never have to deal with bullsheett from us. Guaranteed.

Please read our comprehensive Refund Policy for additional details.

We reserve the right to deny this service to those who repeatedly abuse this policy. Being treated fairly is a two way street, so let's both work to keep it clear of any lost loads.

To return an item, fill out our Contact Form and indicate you are looking to return an item.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Paul B
Exceeded Expectations - Heavy Duty

I was really surprised when it arrived. It is really well made and is much heavier duty than I expected. Buying things off the internet, I'm usually dulling my expectations, but I was really please with the Sheett. I haven't used it with a load yet, but I have opened it and experimented with it, and I'm really happy. It will definitely fill the needs that I had envisioned for it, and probably more.

Almost perfect

I ordered the 8' extended Sheett a few weeks ago for hauling longer lumber and sheet goods in my F250 long bed and have already used it several times. The only issue I have noticed is that the sheet itself could be 6-8" wider. I haul a lot of drywall, and the current width locates the ratchet straps not quite on and not quite off the corners of 4' wide sheet goods. This causes the straps to break the drywall corners when you tighten them. This means I have to leave the straps looser than I would like to protect the corners, which isn't ideal. Other than that, I'm very happy with it.

F150 approved

I opted for rachets and the larger size. I use it for my f150, way better then any bed extender, I know I've got one....

This thing is awesome for wood, amazing for metal and large panels. I've used it so much I've sold my bedextender.

I would recommend the rachets, and larger length.

Duran Holycross
Works as advertised

I have only used it a couple of times, but it worked great. Simple to sort out the first time, and it held those 12' boards just fine. Very sturdy straps and canvas, looks like it will last a long time. Good value for what you get.

steve wyatt
Great replacement for lumber rack

Used it twice so far works for lumber and plywood. Got the flag (extra) and the heavy duty straps. I had a metal lumber rack on my ford Maverick. When I got the loadd sheet I ditched the lumber rack as the load is a compact, lightweight replacement.

Keith McCart
Worked Perfect

Don’t haul oversized items often…the LOADD SHEET works great for my two 9 foot kayaks. Makes it so simple to secure them in the bed of my Maverick. Then when you aren’t using it it fits perfectly under the rear seat in one of the compartments ready for the next use,

Nate Friend
Great Product!

Great product and very handy and helpful for a noob like myself who didn't grow up driving trucks or hauling down loads. This product make everything easy and safe to used! thanks for creating such an amazing product!

Better than traditional bed extender!

The sheett I bought works very well for long boards in a short bed in my Jeep gladiator. I had a Ford sport trac with a metal bed extender that just took up what little space I had when it wasn’t needed. Now with the sheett folded and in its bag, it can easily fit under the back seat and it performs much better than the old extender. Thank you Loadd for making such a cool product!!