The Full Loadd Guarantee - FAQ

I need a repair, where do I start?

  1. Fill out this form: Loadd Repair Request Form
  2. Wait to hear back from us on next steps.


  1. Call us at 833.224.4333 and indicate that you are looking to get a repair done

It’s actually that simple. No Bull-Sheett.

What is not covered?

Personal Preference - It’s the wrong color? Doesn’t match the paint on the truck? Unfortunately we are not able to change colors, swap out fabrics, or just alter the appearance of the product to fit your desired tastes or looks.

Fitment - We do the best we can to convey what types of loads and vehicles our products work for, and unfortunately we cannot replace or retrofit products that do not fit unique load configurations.

Cosmetic Damage - Logo peeling, cosmetic abrasion, and general visual wear are not covered to be repaired.

Lost or Stolen - We do not replace products that have been lost or stolen. You need to physically send in a product to us in order for us to engage in repairs or determine the need for replacement.

Mold or Biohazards - Legally and ethically we do not and will not subject our employees to any mold or biohazards present on products. Anything sent in must be clean to protect the health of our employees. Any product sent in with mold or biohazards present will be immediately destroyed and will not be replaced.

Third Party Repairs and Modifications - We get it, you’re probably pretty handy with a needle and thread, but we cannot accept products that have signs of a third party repair or modification. Our number one priority is safety, and we have manufacturing and repair processes in place to prevent failure of our products in the field. Third parties may not follow those same procedures and we will not cover any product that has been repaired or modified by a third party at any point.

When in doubt, give us a call. 833.224.4333

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk on the phone, and we’re pretty reasonable when it comes to making sure you are taken care of.