Size Chart - Canvas Bed Extender

When picking a bed extender size, use the chart below to find the longest possible load lengths for your given truck bed length. Both the Standard - 5.5' and Extended - 8' versions of the Sheett are able to be used on any truck and any bed length. Both sizes are able to adjust to accommodate any load length up to the posted values below.

Existing Bed Length
4.5' 5.5' 6.5' 8'
Sheett Size Longest Load Length
Standard - 5.5' 10' 11' 12' 13.5'
Extended - 8' 12.5' 13.5' 14.5' 16'


If your bed length is not listed above, the number after the Sheett Size (Extended - 8') can be added to your bed length for a good estimate of the longest load you can haul. The table and values above take into account 1' of load height as well as variances in the locations of tie down points in most truck bed designs.

Please note that while the above values are considered the longest loads you are able to secure, they do not reflect the legal limits of your local laws and regulations. Always comply with overhang limits.