Key Features - Canvas Bed Extender

Here are some of the many benefits of owning and using a Sheett canvas bed extender:

  • Saves time and cuts your 5 to 10-minute session of messing around with a tailgate extender, trailer, or multitudes of straps to just under 1 minute
  • Fits under your backseat like it’s not even there when you’re done using it
  • Ready for any load that you need to haul, and makes the process of hauling long loads safe and easy
  • Backed by our Full Loadd Guarantee (Lifetime) because we stand behind what we design with confidence
  • Not Satisfied? We are dumber than a doorknob and let you return the product absolutely no questions asked via our No Bullsheett Return Policy.

Don’t wait to buy a Sheett after you’ve been in a bind. Buy one now so you’re always prepared to haul a load and drive safely on the road. Heck, buy two and give the other one to your father-in-law. We all know he needs all the help he can get.

The Sheett’s patent pending design features a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and UV-resistant canvas body with a tough interior wear and puncture resistant layer. We double up on all structural seams to ensure durability and longevity no matter what you haul with your truck.