Cam Vs Ratchet - Canvas Bed Extender

Cam buckles are great for hauling watercraft such as kayaks, surfboards, or paddleboards because they ensure a snug and secure fit without overtightening or deforming the hull or body of the load. Cam buckles will not produce as much tightening force as a ratchet strap. The advantage of the Sheett bed extender is that it holds the load in from the rear, preventing the need to have a load tightened in more than "snug." Cam buckles are a great choice for snug holding power.

Ratchet straps are tried and true, and the Loadd Ratchet Strap is the only strap you'll ever need. Our handles are wider for excellent gripping, better control, and easier use with bulky gloves. Our Ratchet Strap is the way to go if you are looking for a tight, controlled cinch on your load. Great for use with lumber, plywood, heavy furniture, and pipes.

How about both? We've got you covered. You can always go with the Pro Packk, and we'll include a set of each. The Sheett has strap channels that allow you to swap out either strap style for unparalleled versatility.